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About Us


KHENSANI S.M.S is prepared to play a major role in the development of the South African economy, and also in line with policies to promote capacity building, empowerment and efficient judicious supply, distribution and offering services in supply, cleaning & construction and its related services.

 KHENSANI S.M.S is a registered undertaking under the Companies Act pertaining to public transport and its related services. KHENSANI S.M.S economic activities include supply, cleaning & construction and its related services. These services include engineering, quality control, inspection, economic evaluation of projects, geological evaluation of prospected areas as well as technical support.

The company was established to alleviate poverty and facilitate the socio-economic development in disadvantaged communities in South Africa



KHENSANI S.M.S has its established strategy that provides clients a competitive advantage through quality management and lower cost.
KHENSANI S.M.S is committed to equal opportunity, Black Economic Empowerment.



Our History